The Lobster – Review

Yorgos Lanthimos doesn’t make easily digestible films. His films aren’t meant to be sweet little treats or light popcorn fare for a date night. The Greek arthouse director aims more for the mind than the stomach. Films like Alps and Dogtooth placed Yorgos Lanthimos on the radar of many for his sheer audacity to examine elements of the human experience in absurd and unusual ways. Whether he’s examining the mental effects of death and loss or social constructs surrounding family and education, Yorgos Lanthimos is an anthropologist with a passion for telling stories.

As you can expect, The Lobster continues his study of cultural norms. Even though it’s his English language debut and he’s now working with Hollywood actors, Lanthimos shows no signs of watering down his approach. Colin Farrell plays a recently single man named David. Accompanied by his brother, David enters The Hotel

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