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[Review] Honeyglue

It’s a story about a dragonfly and the princess bee — a girl with terminal cancer and the boy to which she falls love with only three months left to live respectively. Their love exists in a sort of vacuum beyond time, a reality of the now regardless of future or past before them. She (Adriana Mather‘s Morgan) is but a woman unhindered by her middle class upbringing and conservative lifestyle. He (Zach Villa‘s Jordan) a sensitive soul, fluid in gender, appearance, and desires, who just so happened to see the hope and promise of happiness in someone he never would have expected. Everything they do is for each other, for that love. And it is worth preserving even though it will all be over too soon.

The film is Honeyglue, written and directed by James Bird with a hipster quirk able to win as many folks over

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