Mum: wonderful, heart-felt, low-key comedy

Louisa Mellor Feb 20, 2018

From the creator of Him & Her, BBC Two comedy Mum returns tonight for its second series starring Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan...

Screenwriters often say their characters are inspired by people they’ve met in real life. If that’s the case for Stefan Golaszewski, he’d better hope that none of them ever watch his shows and recognise themselves. That’s hardly a risk of course. Golaszewski’s best—and by best, I mean worst—comic creations are so lacking in self-awareness they’d never notice the similarities.

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Take Laura, the bigoted, self-involved sister of lazy but harmless Becky in Him & Her. You won’t meet a meaner, more judgemental, less-informed person this side of a Daily Mail comments section.

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