Mark Of The Witch Review

In the name of all that is blasphemous, satanic and unholy, what in Satan’s asshole did I just watch?

Mark Of The Witch is an ambitious mess of hackneyed gimmicks that might have been salvageable with a proper budget, not just writer/director Jason Bognacki’s can-do attitude. I’m all for filmmakers going rogue and shooting original content, but only within their pre-determined means. Bognacki’s style is marred by atrocious CGI and incoherent storytelling, all of which try to skirt by on the presumption that arthouse pretension trumps any semblance of a worthwhile narrative. And you know what? Maybe it would have without all the fluctuating audio levels, fish-eye lensing and inexcusable animated misfires.


Bognacki opens on robed cultists (presumably witches) who are holding a baby, before transitioning into an overhead shot of a birthday cake that reads the name “Jordyn” (Paulie Rojas). As the happy post-teen celebrates another year,

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