#ICastIt Casting Fresh Faces Not Followers

Craig Bettendorf may not have an entertainment industry background, but that didn’t stop him from creating and producing his own web series, “Treading Yesterday,” premiering at Dances with Films in L.A. Bettendorf was involved in Lgbt activism during the 1990s, so he was well aware of what came before the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. But with the knowledge that many millennials (including some of his close friends) were not, he created “Treading Yesterday.” Bettendorf was initially shopping the series to producers, but as a self-identified “impatient guy,” Bettendorf sold his home so he could produce it himself. The series, which is set in two timelines (1988-1989 and the present), revolves around Eric Knox going back in time to resolve his biggest regret. The large ensemble cast makes the project more difficult to sell to premium channels or streaming services, but Bettendorf feels that it’s

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