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Interview: Kris Kristofferson On Playing The Old-timer In Traded

Forty-five years may have passed since Kris Kristofferson first made his brief silver-screen debut singing "Me & Bobby McGee" in Dennis Hopper’s tumultuous anti-Western, The Last Movie, but miraculously, Kristofferson is still gracing on-screen frontier towns with his cowboy wisdom and Western soul. Most recently, he can be found bartending in the frontier town of Timothy Woodward Jr.’s Traded, which hit theaters and VOD last Friday. Gone are the days when Kristofferson was helming vigilante roles such as the sharp-shooting Billy The Kid, but they are far from forgotten. In Traded, Kristofferson plays Billy, a hardened barkeep with a strict moral compass, living in Dodge City in the 1800s. When a stranger comes to town in search of his daughter, Billy is at first guarded,...

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