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Review: My Love, Don't Cross That River, Gentle, Elegant And Genuinely Moving

He was 98. She was 89. They were married for 76 years, had 12 children, six of whom died during their childhood.   That is the story of Jo Byeong-man and Kang Gye Yeol, as told in director Jin Mo-young's My Love, Don't Cross That River, South Korea's all-time highest grossing independent film and documentary feature at the local box office.    Over the years, out of South Korea have come many exceptional films that focus on old people, such as The Way Home, Too Young To Die, Old Partner, and Late Blossom. These films have been embraced by the Korean people, making many of them not just critical hits but also commercial successes. My Love, Don't Cross That River is the latest addition to that...

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