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Blu-ray Review – That Cold Day in the Park (1969)

That Cold Day in the Park, 1969.

Directed by Robert Altman.

Starring Sandy Dennis, Michael Burns and Lauana Anders.


A lonely middle-aged woman sees a homeless young man sitting in the park opposite her apartment, and in a moment of pity invites him in.

Many would consider the late Robert Altman’s first recognised masterpiece to be the 1970 Palme d’Or winning film Mash – the satirical black war comedy about the Korean war, which was really a subtext on the contemporary Vietnam War – but That Cold Day in the Park was released a year prior, and it’s as tonally as different as one can expect.

Despite Frances’ (Sandy Dennis) affluence she finds no solace or fulfilment; she numbly passes the time by socialising with the elder elite of contemporary society. Upon one such visit from these patrons she looks out her window to see a young homeless man (Michael Burns

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