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Versailles recap: episode four – ‘Mon dieu! I sent my frère to guerre'

Louis suffers sleepless nights and throws post-coital strops after his brother becomes a war hero. Minion, bring the Sun King some Valium!

Louis is marching briskly through the Palace of Versailles, while blood drips down his face from a cut on the forehead. “I promise not to sleep until the killers of the Parthenays are caught,” he vows. Eventually one of his minions plucks up enough courage to tell him his cut might need a plaster. “You are injured, sire,” says the minion. “More than you will ever know,” le roi proclaims. Sometimes he is too deep for his own good.

Over on a battlefield near Cambrai, the Not-Quite-So-Bad-Philippe is contentedly surveying a scene of carnage as he is on the point of beating the Spaniards. Connoisseurs of the Versailles Guide to Amateur Psychology may be interested to observe that Not-Quite-So-Bad-Philippe has shown no interest in dressing up

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