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American Horror Story Season 6: Cheyenne Jackson Confirms Return!

What do you know so far about American Horror Story Season 6?

Just about Nothing. But we have news!!!

Lady Gaga has been confirmed and now her on air American Horror Story Season 5 hubby, Cheyenne Jackson, has confirmed his return, as well.

On Jackson's Twitter account today, he merely said, "It's true," posting a link to an interview he did with Out Magazine.

In the interview, Jackson notes the latest season will take the audience to different, if not darker, places, but, "Wild horses wouldn't make me reveal the plot."

So That's why the show has been flying under the radar with regard to filming.

Which is not new, by the way. They're pretty good at keeping secrets until they're ready to reveal them.

That doesn't mean you can't have your fair share of Cheyenne Jackson, however.

Jackson's new solo album of songs from his concerts, Music of the Mad Men Era,

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