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The Fundamentals Of Caring Review

Last seen wrecking shop with the rest of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, Paul Rudd changes gears quite considerably with the Netflix distributed The Fundamentals of Caring, the second feature from We Made This Movie director Rob Burnett. Stepping into the shoes of retired writer Ben Benjamin, whose life is in a downward spiral after a personal tragedy. After qualifying as a care giver, his first charge is Trevor (Craig Roberts), a young man suffering from muscular dystrophy who might be just as broken as himself. Soon becoming friends, the pair embark on a cross country trip to visit the World's Deepest Pit, where they find they can help each other fix themselves. So yeah, The Fundamentals of Caring isn’t anything new when it comes to this type of Indie drama, but to dismiss it on those terms would be a huge mistake. Burnett’s script may

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