The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #59 – Hyper Sports

Stepping backwards from the futuristic sport that was Knot in 3D to the more mundane real world sports in today’s Your Sinclair Top 100, we arrive at a coin-op conversion originally from Konami, though on the Zx Spectrum Hyper Sports was delivered from Imagine Software.

Imagine Software had begun to pick up a number of arcade titles during the latter half of the 1980s, which included such names as Arkanoid, Renegade and also this multi-sports game Hyper Sports, which arrived in 1985.

Multi-sports games were not a new thing on the rubber-keyed wonder – the year before we had seen the Ocean Software game Daley Thompson’s Decathlon destroy joysticks up and down the country. However, Hyper Sports brought with it a slew of new events including Archery, Clay Pigeon shooting and Swimming; all involved again numerous button bashing, that or joystick waggling.

If I were being completely unbiased here, I’d

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