Lindsay Lohan apologises for not turning on Kettering Christmas lights

Ryan Lambie Nov 25, 2016

Actress Lindsay Lohan raised the hopes of a UK town when she said she'd turn on their Christmas lights this year. Sadly, it wasn't to be...

Update: It says a great deal about 2016 that the news about Lindsay Lohan and a British town famous for producing Weetabix isn't the weirdest story to emerge this year.

The oddness began when Lohan wrote a string of tweets back in June, just as Britain was going to the polls over the EU referendum. "Sorry," Lohan wrote in one tweet, "but Kettering where are you."

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone then brought the tweet up in the House of Commons, stating in no uncertain terms that "everyone knows where Kettering is", before listing its achievements: Weetabix breakfast cereal, a football club and Cheaney's and Loakes shoes being among them. Hollobone then suggested that Lohan could make amends by turning on the town's Christmas lights this year.

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