U.S. Trailer For Bong Joon-ho-Produced ‘Sea Fog’ Introduces Tension on the High Seas

For some, the name Bong Joon-ho is enough to garner interest, whether he is directing, producing, or scripting. He has handled the latter two in Sung-bo Shim‘s (who co-penned Bong’s Memories of Murder), which has now been given its first U.S. trailer ahead of a domestic release. The trailer shows a fisherman down on his luck who once again engages in human smuggling between China and Korea. An official selection at Tiff back in 2014 and now finally landing in the U.S. this summer, the trailer promises a taut, beautifully shot thriller.

We said in our review: “Both atmospheric and claustrophobic, the thriller is expertly lensed by cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo (Mother, Snowpiercer) and tensely paced by editors Kim Sang-bum and Kim Jae-bum. The influence of Bong is apparent throughout the film, yet Shim’s direction is top notch and a text book example of misdirection. While the

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