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Buichi Saito’s Tokyo Mighty Guy

Buichi Saito's Tokyo Mighty GuySTORY65%ACTING72%DIRECTING70%VISUALS75%POSITIVESVery quick pace that makes the film easy to watchMany hilarious scenes and linesGreat restorationNEGATIVESThe script's nonsensicallity reveals its ageYou have to love Japanese cinema to watch it2016-07-1871%Overall ScoreReader Rating: (1 Vote)70%

Nikkatsu, the oldest film studio in Japan, inaugurated a star system in the late 1950s, finding talent and contracting them to a series of wild genre pictures. A prominent example of the tendency is “Tokyo Mighty Guy.”

Young Jiro returns to Tokyo after finishing his studies in French cuisine and opens a restaurant in Ginza. However, he stumbles upon many troubles as an ex-prime minister crashes his car in his restaurant, the Yakuza seems to demand money for protection, and Jiro does not seem able to stop helping everyone that comes across his way.

Buichi Saito directs a very entertaining film, which, although focuses on the comic element,

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