Hr Musik Limited presents ‘Himesh and the Jewels of India’ musical project

On the multi talented Himesh Reshammiya’s birthday, launched the exciting news of ‘Himesh and the Jewels of India’. This is a huge musical project which will be fronted by Himesh’s music publishing company Hr Musik. The project will feature 730 milestone songs which are composed by Himesh, and the songs will have the best singers of India.

In a recent article to Mumbai Mirror, the CEO of Hr Musik Andy Singh, spoke about the project in more detail. He revealed that the company will be launching the “biggest invasion in the music industry which is called Himesh and the Jewels of India.” He continued to say that this project will feature “Memorable compositions, outstanding singers, biggest videos and huge marketing plans. They are the going to be strength of jewels of India. Himesh who has a track record of 650 super hit songs has always believed that content is king

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