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Great Job, Internet!: A ghoulish showbiz story by Max Landis gets the audio-drama treatment

The golden age of audio dramas arguably ended in the 1950s, when television established itself as the dominant home entertainment leader and many of radio’s top shows and stars jumped ship to the new medium. Just as Norma Desmond’s silent films were undone by the introduction of sound, the great radio shows of the 1940s were largely made obsolete by the introduction of picture. Gone were the days of shows like Inner Sanctum Mysteries (1941-1952), a horror anthology that brought listeners a different tale of terror in each episode. Gone, perhaps, but not forgotten. Some audio drama revivalists have kept the form alive at sites like the fan-supported Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. Drawing on the talents of both professionals and volunteers, the Chilling Tales team is dedicated to creating new, high-quality, audio-only dramas.

One recognizable name attached to Chilling Tales is that of Max Landis, son of

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