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Lgbtq Filmmakers Grapple With The Responsibility Of Eulogizing Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Buoyed by the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, things looked really good for Lgbtq people at the start of 2016. Then came the Orlando massacre, and with it the reminder that queer people were not safe, not even within the comforts provided by its culture.

That was only six weeks ago, but it seems longer. Orlando has fallen out of the news cycle — for the media, too many fresher tragedies take precedence. There’s the police murders of black men, an assassin’s murders of police and the public in Dallas, the Nice attacks, and even another Florida nightclub shooting, this one in Fort Myers. And for the public, the crises converge. There were signs remembering Orlando at Black Lives Matter rallies, and the Lgbtq community responded to Orlando with anti-gun rallies and messages of support for Muslims.

This puts Lgbtq culture in a familiar position: If the threats to

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