Homes Under The Hammer: the most comforting show on TV

Alex Carter Aug 2, 2016

Homes Under The Hammer is a comforting constant in an ever-changing world. Here's why it's your TV best friend...

Homes Under The Hammer is the adult equivalent of Teletubbies: every episode is exactly the same, there is only the vaguest semblance of peril, and every episode has a weird house in it.

I bloody love Homes Under The Hammer. It’s the kind of low-engagement programming that suits any time and any mood. I like nosing around people’s houses. I like the idea I could be a filthy capitalist if I could just stop ranting about Star Trek and do some plastering. The identikit nature of every episode is ideally suited to its 10am weekday timeslot, being watched exclusively by the unemployed, the ill and everyone’s dad. As a freelance writer with both a cold and a dad I absolutely understand that feeling of having a head filled with mush,

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