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Great Job, Internet!: Short film Deathly is a creepy tale of revenge from beyond the grave

Deathly, the horror short from director Mike Williamson, is a well-done little terror tale that features plenty of terrific twists and turns and more than a few scares.

“I wanted to make a haunted house film—it’s probably my favorite subgenre in horror,” says Williamson of Deathly, which played at last year’s Fantastic Fest. “It really came from me thinking about when there are couples who have been together a long time, and one of them dies. There’s this phenomenon where the other spouse dies within a year after that of a broken heart—they say,” adds Williamson. “I started thinking, We assume it’s a broken heart. What happens if we didn’t know the whole story? That’s where Deathly came from.”

Williamson has a little bit of cred as far as horror directors go, having worked as editorial coordinator on Showtime’s Masters Of

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