Songs for Amy review – no love lost for the one that got away

Hearts are broken, but it’s hard to feel the love for this unconvincing romantic dramedy

There are some nice moments in this romantic comedy-drama from first-time screenwriter Laura Graham, but the romance and characterisation are so shallow and unconvincing.

Sean Maguire plays Galway musician Sean, lead singer in a struggling but talented band. He is nursing a broken heart, unable to forget his lost love: beautiful music journalist Amy (Lorna Anderson), whose heart he broke by getting drunk on his stag night, winding up at a dodgy party miles away in Limerick and not showing up for their wedding. To the bemusement of his bandmates, Sean pays for studio time to record an agonised concept album about his feelings, titled Songs for Amy. Midway through the movie, the plot takes an unconvincing sideways lurch regarding a death in the family and a legacy, and Sean finds himself the proprietor

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