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Anthropoid Review

Just in case you forgot how evil Nazis were (still are?), Sean Ellis plots a two-hour reminder in his latest film, Anthropoid. Ellis and co-writer Anthony Frewin create a true biographical thriller at heart, one that highlights how Czech and Slovak soldiers fought against Hitler’s occupation in Czechoslovakia during WWII. The duo’s passion for historical accuracy is coupled with true-to-life implications, yet the film clunks on and on in the name of depressing, heartbreaking warcrimes. Filmmakers shouldn’t shy away from hard realities, but by the time Ellis counterbalances what seems to be a dragging, sullen narrative, we’re an hour-and-a-half past saving, no matter how grimly captivating a finale is cued up.

In 1942, a secret mission was carried out that would succeed in assassinating SS General Reinhard Heydrich (Detlef Bothe), Hitler’s third-in-command who became known as the “Butcher Of Prague.” Code named Operation: Anthropoid, Czechoslovakia’s

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