The 10 new versions of Robin Hood in the works

Rob Leane Mar 7, 2017

Margot Robbie's Marian movie brings our list of upcoming Robin Hood adaptations up to ten...

You don’t need us to remind you, but these days Hollywood and TV executives seem to have one target in mind – big franchises, hopefully with spin-offs and tie-ins galore across all possible forms of media.

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An interesting consequence of all this is that the entertainment industry has begun looking beyond capes and cowls in their ‘what can we make a franchise out of?’ discussions. ‘What about other sorts of legendary characters?’ you can imagine them asking, before a big eureka moment… ‘What about Robin bloody Hood?!’

Almost simultaneously, it seems like every studio in Hollywood has latched to this idea of launching a Robin Hood franchise. TV production companies are getting in on it, too. It’s easy

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