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Knights Of Sidonia (2014) Anime Review

Knights Of Sidonia (2014) Anime REVIEWSTORY83%DIRECTION80%ANIMATION85%POSITIVESAudiovisually masterfulGreat story with many plot twists and thriller elementsInteresting charactersNEGATIVESSome episodes in the second season seem to have been created just to reach the 11 episode marker2016-08-1083%Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes)0%

A nice addition to the sci-fi/mecha action genre, “Knights of Sidonia” stands apart from the plethora of similar titles for a number of reasons, both technical and in terms of script and general presentation.

The year is 3994, when the Earth has already been destroyed by a race of aliens called Gauna. Sidonia is one of the ships that has managed to escape the destruction along with a population of 500,000 people. Due to the lack of resources, the people inside have turned to cloning, asexual reproduction and genetic engineering that allows them to photosynthesize, in order to survive in deep space. The Gauna however, are still hunting them, and thus,

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