Xoxo Review

Nightlife has notoriously been tricky for Hollywood to capture on film. Lean too hard into the chaos of it all, and you wind up with a nonsensical mess that barely hangs together as a coherent narrative. Steer too clear of the debauchery that it entails, and the resulting film is a toothless, flaccid imitation. More than most, Xoxo – the latest “Netflix original film” to hit the streaming service – tows that delicate line, delivering a fun (albeit lightweight) ensemble comedy/drama.

Like an Edm version of Love Actually, the film follows a disparate group of strangers as they make their way to Xoxo, the nation’s biggest festival devoted entirely to electronic dance music. Though a disclaimer at film’s end declares that its production is not affiliated with the real-life Portland-held event, it’s clear that this atmosphere was likely the inspiration for filmmaker Christopher Louie’s directorial debut.


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