Missing On A Weekend Is A Surprise Thriller” – Subhash K Jha

Missing On A Weekend

Starring Pawan Malhotra, Introducing Karan Hariharan

Written & Directed by Abhishek Jawkar

It takes guts to make a songless (well, almost) thriller with newcomers (well,almost).

Except for the powerful Pawan Malhotra who helms and nails the thriller and astutely anchors the action, Missing On A Weekend is bolstered by a bunch of over-enthusiastic newcomers, eager to please and even more eager to prove they can act.

If only….

Debutant Karan Hariharan is the stand-out debutant. He plays Laksh, a confused confounded 20-something orphaned-at-childhood, financially challenged go-getter who gets trapped in a situation with his rich friends while vacationing in Goa. The friends are all parasitical hedonists sponging on a spoilt rich arrogant friend called Prince who should have been slapped by his parents when he was a child.

Though some of the performances by newcomers who play dead Goan vacationers could do with a lot more

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