Watching TV with mother - archive, 1 September 1995

1 September 1995: Like most working mothers, Suzanne Moore uses television as a childminder, but she also watches a lot of children’s TV with her kids

It strikes me as rather weird that after Barrymore’s coming out, there have been serious discussions about whether the genre of light entertainment can tolerate an openly gay performer. Many light entertainers have been identifiably camp, though increasingly, camp has become dissociated from sexuality itself. Much of popular TV, from Richard And Judy to The Big Breakfast, is incredibly camp and nowhere is there more evidence of this than on children’s TV.

Like most working mothers, I use television as a childminder, but I also watch a lot of children’s TV with my kids. As other ‘homeworkers’ no doubt realise, a really bad day is when you have seen both the lunchtime and teatime repeat of Neighbours. Many of the programmes are excellent,

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