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This is what animated TV looks like when it’s made by both Disney and WB

AnimationFix: Your regular round-up of the latest animation news, from HitFix reporter Emily Rome Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny are teaming up. So to speak. Warner Bros. Animation is producing a series with Disney Xd for the first time. While WB live-action projects air on a number of networks, WB animated series have mostly aired on what was then The WB and Cartoon Network (also under the umbrella of Time Warner). Titled Right Now Kapow, this new animated sketch comedy series features a literally colorful cast of characters named Dog, Moon, Ice Cream, Candy, Diamond, and Plant. Their physical features are pretty much exactly what you’d expect... if you’re expecting something a bit weird. Image credit: Disney Xd A release about Right Now Kapow went out to press today, describing it as “delightfully silly, weird, and frenetic” and announcing the series premiere date, Monday, September 19, with half-hour episodes

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