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A Quick Word Of Praise For Marvel On Their Organic Integration Of Diversity

I should probably start by reiterating a very key point:

I don't care about diversity.

Despite being a latino actor, myself, and being the nephew of Elizabeth Peña- who was a role model for many hispanic actors- I've really never batted an eyelash over the idea of diversity on television or a desire to be represented on screens both big and small. For me, personally, when considering what movie to watch, what network to tune into, or which artist to support, it all boils down to one question: Does it interest me? I don't see skin color. I don't see gender. I see an opportunity for entertainment, and ask myself if it's something I'd like to check out.

With that said, I do find it cool when I see certain marginalized groups get recognition in an organic and natural way. In last week's column "Will Latino Audiences Continue To

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