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[Tiff Review] Little Wing

The director of Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, the hilarious 2014 Oscar nominee for Best Short Film, is back with her sophomore feature narrative Little Wing. Taking on writing responsibilities this go-round, Selma Vilhunen supplies a much more dramatic work than her aforementioned claim to fame. It’s also a lot more personal with young horse enthusiast and central character Varpu Miettinen’s (Linnea Skog) emotionally trying family life being drawn from her own. She is eleven-years old, wise beyond her years, and desperately trying to fit in with the “cool” girls. But that’s almost impossible to do when your mother (Paula Vesala‘s Siru) is about to flunk her driving test for the third time and her father is long-since removed from the equation.

Varpu is living between two worlds: weekends in the country with posh riders working hard to ready themselves for an equestrian competition

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