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Revisiting Star Trek Tng: The Drumhead

James Hunt Sep 16, 2016

Witch hunts, interrogation and paranoia feature in fairly straightforward space-court Star Trek: Tng episode The Drumhead...

This review contains spoilers.

4.21 The Drumhead

Sabotage! On board the Enterprise! D! Cue up the Beastie Boys! (Actually don’t, we’ve all seen Star Trek Beyond and the last thing we need is that being taken literally again.)

But regardless, a Klingon Exchange officer – J’Dan the Exobiologist – stands (well, sits) accused of trying to blow up the Enterprise’s engines and funnelling secrets to the Romulans. In an attempt to establish his innocence he tries to bribe Worf, who gives him the full Space Rodney King treatment in a scene which I can’t decide if I’m supposed to feel uncomfortable with or not.

Luckily, one of Starfleet’s meddling Admirals is around to help investigate this potential espionage onboard the Enterprise. Not only that, Admiral Satie has

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