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Don’t Kill It trailer: Dolph Lundgren goes demon hunting

Joseph Baxter Sep 22, 2016

Dolph Lundgren is a cowboy hunting down an ancient demon with some bizarre rules in the trailer for Don’t Kill It...

Dolph Lundgren continues to find fun projects to keep himself busy. His latest looks really quite good fun, too.

Don’t Kill It might resemble an odd amalgam of a Western film and television’s Supernatural, at first glance. However, pitting the action in a sleepy small town, this particular piece of demon-hunting fiction puts an intriguing spin on things. Fedora and duster-rocking demon hunter Jebediah Woodley (Lundgren) wanders into town, looking to make a powerful and ancient demon his next quarry. However, there’s a catch with this one, since whoever kills the demon’s host body ends up becoming its next host, creating a horrendously homicidal chain of events. Splendid.

Consequently, even a slayer of demons as seasoned as Woodley is going to

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