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Top 11 Smegging Episodes of Red Dwarf

Luke Owen looks back at Red smegging Dwarf…

With Red Dwarf back on TV screens once again [read our review of the first episode here], I’ve been revisiting one of my all-time favourite British sitcoms featuring the adventures of the last human alive David Lister, his evolved feline partner The Cat, mechanoid Kryten, holographic smeghead Rimmer (and, later, love interest Kochanski) and super smart A.I. Holly (with an Iq of 6,000, the equivalent of 6,000 P.E. teachers).

Red Dwarf ran from 1988 through to 1999 when it was cancelled after eight series. A proposed movie was in development from 2000 through to around 2004, but it wouldn’t be until Dave brought the show back for a three-part special in 2009 that we’d see the crew once again. Though Back to Earth wasn’t the show fans had hoped it would be, Red Dwarf X, which aired three years later, was much better received. Now the smegheads are back once again for Red Dwarf XI,

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