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How Red Dwarf: The Movie failed to become a reality

Luke Owen looks back at Red Dwarf: The Movie, and how it never got made…

In 1998, BBC decided to pull the plug on Red Dwarf after its eighth series. The final series, aired in 1999, climaxed with an episode titled “Only The Good”, which ended with the words ‘The End’, before being replaced with ‘The Smeg It Is’. And that would be correct, as this was not to be the end of the road for Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Kochanski and Kryten, as co-creator Doug Naylor had big plans for the future of Red Dwarf – he was going to make a movie.

Initially Naylor had planned to do a ninth series of the show, but the BBC rejected his proposal. While it’s not known exactly why the series was turned down, the official Red Dwarf website noted that they now had more than 52 episodes of the show in the can,

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