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Impressions: Halloween Horror Nights 26 at Universal Orlando

Like most horror fans, Halloween is more of a 24/7 celebration for me and my family, but there are a few signs that October 31st is right around the corner: the abundance of pumpkin ale in stores, my increased appetite for Count Chocula, and the opening of haunted attractions across the country. The latter seems to be happening a bit earlier in recent years, and I had a chance to get a jump-start on the haunted attraction season when Universal Orlando flew me down to check out the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights.

Now in its 26th year at Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights is a mix of mazes based on popular horror properties and original creations from Universal's creative team. The concept is similar to what you'll get at local haunts, but the set design and attention to detail are incredible and really make Halloween Horror Nights stand out from the crowd.

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