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It Came From The Tube: The Strange Possession Of Mrs. Oliver (1977)

TV horror lives and dies by the pen. From the ‘50s to the ‘90s, network TV shows and movies simply couldn’t carry the weight of special effects, and the content restrictions placed on TV (before the advent of cable, I’m talking the Big Three – ABC, CBS, NBC) back in the day did not allow for the most part a visceral experience. (Oh how times have changed.) So often the tale itself would have to suffice, and if it was gripping enough, blood speckled walls and torn limbs weren’t even necessary. Case in point: The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver (1977), an NBC Monday Night at the Movies written by none other than Richard Matheson, starring Karen Black.

Premiering Monday, February 28th, 1977, Strange’s beat down would come at the hands of ABC’s Monday Night Movie (I just love the creative monikers), which regularly trounced any and all comers in that time slot.

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