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Interview: Director Lee Ho-Jae at the Asian Pop-Up Cinema

Chicago – The 2016 Fall Season of the Asian Pop-Up Cinema of Chicago kicked off on September 17th, with the South Korean film “Sori: Voice of the Heart.” The director behind this purposeful man-and-machine relationship movie is Lee Ho-Jae. The unusual story combined our modern tech world with a satellite turned robot who is sick of it all.

“Sori: Voice of the Heart” is a science fiction film, as a grief stricken father (Lee Sung-Min) uses the help of an artificial intelligent-loaded communications satellite – he finds it washed up on the beach – to find his missing and presumedly dead daughter. The road picture also features Nasa and South Korean officials looking for the downed satellite, and a grieving father finding some closure through the journey. This is the second feature from director Lee Ho-Jae, who through this film has an amazing eye for how humanity lives, amidst our tech madness and destructive nature.

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