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San Diego International Film Festival 2016 Exclusive Interview: Branko Tomovic on Red

The San Diego International Film Festival kicked off this week and among the fantastic line-up is the intense and atmospheric thriller Red by Branko Tomovic (24, Fury, City of Tiny Lights), which also stars Dervla Kirwan (Ondine, Ballykissangel, The Silence, Doctor Who) and Francesca Fowler (Doctor Who, Rome, Closure). It's Branko's directing debut and tells the story of Niklas, a surgeon who lives a life of solitude and is tormented by self hatred. He performs regular illegal surgeries for the red market and works together with Mia, a young prostitute who lures her clients in and drugs them. Niklas is looking for a way out of this dark world, but owes his life to their violent crime boss Ed, who would rather kill him then let him go....

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