Horror Highlights: Salem’S Lot Vinyl Soundtrack, Adrienne Barbeau to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award, Breaking Glass Pictures

Waxwork Records recently announced that they will release a vinyl soundtrack of Tobe Hooper's 1979 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's Salem's Lot, and we have a teaser image of the anticipated release. Today's Horror Highlights also features details about Adrienne Barbeau receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming New York City Horror Film Festival and Breaking Glass Pictures' slate of horror films on Amazon Prime.

Salem's Lot Vinyl Soundtrack Announced by Waxwork Records: From Waxwork Records: "The bat is out the bag. Waxwork Records is releasing, for the very first time on vinyl, the complete 1979 television score to Stephen King's Salem's Lot! Details coming next week. Here's a peek at what will be a jaw dropping, fang gnashing, double LP featuring 84 cues remastered from the 1979 masters, and with new art by Francesco Francavilla! Waxwork will officially terrorize your turntable this Halloween season!"

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