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Fathers Who Lost Daughters in Amish Schoolhouse Massacre Reveal They Are Still Healing 10 Years Later

In the tiny hamlet of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, the Amish refer to the events of Oct. 2 2006 as "The Happening." That's because what actually happened was an unspeakable horror. Shortly before 10 that morning, local milk truck driver Charles Roberts, 32, walked into a one-room schoolhouse in Nickel Mines armed to the teeth. He ordered all 26 children to line up in front of the blackboard, then let the three teachers and 15 boys leave while he tied up the girls, ages 6 to 13, with zip ties. He then proceeded to barricade the door with 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's. An hour later, after the tiny schoolhouse was surrounded by police,

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