Halloween 2016: 10 Devilishly Fun Drinks to Raise Your Spirits this October

While Halloween is certainly all about kids having fun, that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy themselves as well. And what better way to have some fun this October than by making some festive cocktails and spirits that are sure to liven up any party and help you get into a more macabre-minded mood all month long? Even if you’re not an accomplished bartender, these ten drink recipes are easy enough for anyone, and will surely help raise your spirits throughout the Halloween season.

The Devil’s Due

This concoction has been known by many names over the years, but I like to call it “The Devil’s Due,” as once you take a sip, you’ll certainly be ready to give ol’ Lucifer the devil horns. If you want to be super classy, try serving these in champagne flutes, but really, any glass will do.

Ingredients (per

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