Adam Scott on Becoming Blind and Finding Balance in Unsympathetic Roles

With over a hundred credits to his name, Adam Scott has become one of the most prolific comedic actors of the last decade, perfecting the duality of his nice guy/jerk persona to create some of the most memorable scene stealers in recent comedies. After early career credits that ran the gamut from Torque to Party of Five, Scott soon became a fixture of the Judd Apatow universe earning sizable parts in films like Step Brothers and alt-comedy television landmarks like Party Down, Burning Love, and beloved network comedies like NBC’s Parks & Recreation.

These days, he’s still as impossibly busy, starring in films like the last year’s dark Yuletide comedy Krampus, creating oddities like The Adult Swim Golf Classic, and producing notable indies like The Overnight and Other People through the production company Gettin’ Rad that he created with his wife Naomi Scott. And even as his public profile is constantly rising,

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