The Birth Of A Nation – Review

A flawed masterpiece, writer-director-star Nate Parker’s The Birth Of A Nation is based on the true tale of Nat Turner, a bible-thumping, visionary slave who led a bloody uprising in Virginia in 1831. As a child, Nat was bound for more than picking cotton. With the encouragement of his owner’s nurturing wife (Penelope Ann Miller), Nat studied the Bible, which leads to him growing up (played by Parker) as one of the few educated slaves on the struggling plantation run by Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer). Samuel rents Nat out to other plantation owners to preach, earning a name as someone who can keep slaves mollified despite their abuse. Nat crosses a line by baptizing a white man which leads to a whipping and the epiphany that he can no longer stand by while blacks are mistreated. He and a band of fellow slaves ambush and murder over 50 white folks

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