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[Biff Review] Mercy

It’s practically impossible to talk about what’s happening in Chris Sparling‘s latest thriller, Mercy, without spoiling it. The writer-director knows, and splits his film into three pieces as a result: the first third completely shrouded in mystery, the next a replay from alternative perspectives, and the last the truth of the pursuers’ identities and the lies their victims have been spinning from the start. The only other Sparling film I’ve seen is his most popular one, Buried, which he wrote with Rodrigo Cortés directing, but the similarities in deflection and confusion are obvious. Whereas it focused solely on one character trapped without the ability to fully comprehend what’s happening, Mercy places its viewer in the coffin. We don’t know who’s out there and we definitely cannot trust the family in peril.

I’ll stick solely to the first act to whet your suspense-thriller

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