Match the withering review to the movie – quiz

This week saw critics pan the latest Dan Brown thriller, Inferno, the Guardian included. Can you match the following scathing critiques to the one-star films that received them?

”Napalms the screen with waves of pornographic consumerist vulgarity…dredged directly from Tinseltown’s festering scrotum.”

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


The Intern

Ted 2

"The whole dreary business drags interminably on, with not a single amusing or ingenious idea in its echoing metal head: a cynical franchisebot, machine-tooled to clank into cinemas and gouge money out of people."

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Iron Man 3

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Terminator Genisys

"Could be one of those rare and terrifying serial killer cases where the psychotic culprit apparently intends to bore and embarrass everyone to death with bad acting."


Child 44



"Blanchett gives a toe-curlingly awful and Razzie-worthy turn in this tiresome aria of liberal self-pity and self-importance.

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