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Trailer for Indie 'Capsule' About Britain's First Manned Space Mission

One Man, One Mission, One Choice. If you haven't already seen this trailer, it might be worth checking out. Capsule is an indie film about Britain's first manned mission to space. It's not actually a true story (as they never sent anyone into space at that time), so this technically counts as "sci-fi", but considering it plays very much like a real thriller that's probably how it should be categorized. Edmund Kingsley plays Guy Taylor, the first British pilot ever sent up into space in 1959, but his capsule malfunctions and he starts to suffer from hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). The cast includes Lisa Greenwood, David Wayman, Nigel Barber and Michael Koltes. This looks like a nice contained thriller, there's just something off about it. See below. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Andrew Martin's Capsule, found direct on YouTube: The year is 1959. It is the height of the Cold War.

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