Sogo Ishii’s “The Crazy Family” is a film that stays true to its name

In a cinema that is famous for its extremity and peculiarity, Sogo Ishii manages to stand out, with films like “Burst City” and “Tokyo Blood”. In that fashion, even when he directs a satire, the result is not the expected, to say the least.

A truly crazy family

The Kobayashi family finally manages to buy a house, with the hard work of the father, Katsuhiko, a white-collar employee. Despite their happiness, there seems to be something wrong with the members of the family, as Katsuhiko believes that they suffer from some kind of psychosis.

His wife, Saeko is a bit extreme in the way she acts, a tendency that reaches its apogee when Katsuhiko’s father, Yasukuni, comes to leave with them, as she ends up even dancing sensually for him and his elderly friends. Furthermore, she keeps calling her husband, “father.”

The son, Masaki has become obsessed with passing

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