Carla Gugino & Bruce Greenwood Are Selected to Play in Flanagan’s ‘Gerald’S Game’ Film Adaptation

As a teen, I read some Stephen King books. Hell, I think either my mom or I joined The Stephen King Library if you fiends remember that. If you don’t remember that, how’s this ad to jog your memory:

What I do remember is when this book came out, it was maybe a bit more adult than I was wanting. Keep in mind, it came out when I was 11. However, I’ve been on a kick recently to try and read more and I’m beginning with King’s catalog as I got to the point where I just collected his work versus actually reading the novels and collections. Maybe I can crank this one out before the film adaptation gets released next year via Netflix. The production started principal photography in Alabama yesterday. Want more info, read on…

From the Press Release:

Netflix announced today yesterday that

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