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I, Daniel Blake review

Ken Loach's latest is one of the films of the year. Here's our review of I, Daniel Blake...

Veteran British film director Ken Loach announced his retirement back in 2014 while attending a promotional press tour for his then current feature Jimmy’s Hall. Fast forward two years and 80-year-old Loach is back with a vengeance having recently scooped the coveted Palme D’Or. This is, coincidentally, exactly a decade on since Loach won the same award for his Irish war drama The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Since the 60s, Loach's films (from Cathy Come Home to The Angels' Share) have all possessed a socially critical tone, and his latest film I, Daniel Blake is no different.

This time he's given us an urgent societal drama, one that serves as a scathing remonstrance of austerity Britain and the cracks within the welfare system. Geordie comedian Dave Johns stars as Daniel Blake,

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