Ingmar Bergman's Sixty-Four Minutes With Rebecka: intriguing, sexy and intense

The newly discovered screenplay suggests the then 51-year-old film-maker reacting to the sexual liberation of the 1960s in characteristic fashion

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Ingmar Bergman’s work was often erotic, even, or especially, when sex was not the ostensible subject matter. There is a stark sensuality and fascination in some of the bleakest situations; an eros to go with the thanatos. But the recently discovered screenplay Sixty-Four Minutes With Rebecka – which Bergman evidently intended to retitle The White Wall and make as an English-language movie, forming his part of a tripartite collaboration with Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa – really is notably sexy, even if the sexiness is coloured by his distinctive anxiety, self-inspection, self-reproach, and intimate marital anguish. For Bergman, like Socrates, the unexamined sexual life was not worth living.

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